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A romantic Wedding in La Durantie

Sep 18, 2023

At the heart of a romantic wedding in La Durantie, Lauren and Arthur’s union at the Château de la Durantie shimmered as an embodiment of timeless love. Nestled in the scenic embrace of France’s Dordogne region, this beguiling château painted an idyllic canvas for their unforgettable day.

Their ceremony, an eloquent blend of French and English, was a testament to the merging of two worlds. With Lauren, radiant in an ethereal white gown, her procession down the aisle beside her father was a sight to behold, leading her to Arthur. The verdant expanse and the bloom of the château’s gardens crafted an ambiance that was nothing short of enchanting as they exchanged their vows.

Amidst the verdant surroundings of the château’s gardens, the reception unfolded. Guests were treated to the rich flavors of local gourmet delights and exquisite wines. Emotion-laden speeches in both languages heightened the mood, celebrating not just the union of Lauren and Arthur but also the beautiful confluence of two distinct cultures. Every nuance, from the ornate decorations to the harmonious tunes, was a tribute to this Franco-English blend, casting a spell on everyone present.

As twilight draped the sky, the château, bathed in a golden glow, set the stage for the couple’s first dance beneath a canopy of stars. In the midst of their cherished ones, the couple reveled in the joy of their shared love, etching memories to be treasured forever.

Lauren and Arthur’s celebration at Château de la Durantie was more than a wedding; it was a poetic ode to love transcending borders. If the allure of La Durantie has captured your heart, it would be my privilege to guide you in orchestrating your dream day in this magical setting. Reach out for inquiries or to arrange a rendezvous at La Durantie, and let’s craft moments that will be immortalized through the lens.

Venue: La Durantie / Wedding-Planner: Before The Moon / Lead Photographer: By Chesnel / Floral Designer: L’Arrosoir Fleuriste / Gown: Lillian West / Suit: Blandin Delloye / Make-Up: Chosen Paris / Wedding Cake: Chloé Belles Cake


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