ritz wedding shooting


"It's simple elegance that charms us"


The details of a wall, the grazing light of a summer evening, a cloudy sky are all aspects that may seem unimportant at first glance, but are, in my opinion, essential in the telling of your wedding story. They share an important place alongside emotion, joy, and laughter, and will help you contemplate this very important day again and again.

What could be better than photography! Without any sentence, simply with images where people express themselves through their eyes, emotions, laughter.
This farandole of life, I want to offer it to you so that, like a novel, you have a unique trace of what made you so happy that day.

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Wedding photographer at Nantes in the West of France and evolving mainly between Paris and the South of France (French Riviera and Provence), in NiceMonacoSt Tropez.

I realize your wedding reports with a Fine-Art style, for an elegant and timeless atmosphere. Are you planning to get married elsewhere in France or abroad? I would also be delighted to accompany you in this beautiful project.