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A French Riviera St Georges Wedding featured on Style me Pretty

Feb 13, 2024

In the world of matrimonial celebrations, some locales don’t just offer a picturesque backdrop; they deliver an entire experience imbued with romance, history, and breathtaking natural beauty. The Château Saint Georges in Grasse is such a place, a crown jewel on the French Riviera. Amidst the lavender-scented breezes and sweeping vistas of the Mediterranean, Carmel and Kyle chose this venue to mark the beginning of their lifelong journey together. Their French Riviera St Georges Wedding was more than just a ceremony; it was a testament to love as timeless and captivating as the Riviera itself.

The Venue: Château Saint Georges—Where Dreams Materialize

Carmel and Kyle, hailing from California but with hearts anchored in the French Riviera, found their perfect match in Château Saint Georges. The estate, known for its sprawling gardens and majestic views of the sea, offered the ideal setting for their elegant and intimate celebration. The venue’s historic charm and the panoramic beauty of the Riviera provided a magical canvas for their nuptials.

Designing the Dream: A Symphony of Elegance and Nature

Their wedding theme was a reflection of the Riviera’s natural elegance, with a color scheme of navy, gold, and white. The décor was carefully curated to complement the chateau’s inherent beauty, featuring lush arrangements of white roses and peonies, accented with gold and surrounded by greenery. As evening descended, the chateau came alive with the soft glow of fairy lights and candles, weaving a spell of old-world romance and contemporary love.

A Day to Remember: Vows Amidst the Riviera’s Splendor

The ceremony was an intimate affair, set against the Riviera’s azure backdrop. The highlight was when Carmel and Kyle exchanged vows under a floral-adorned arch, pledging to navigate life’s adventures together, with the Riviera bearing witness. This moment underscored the profound connection between their love story and the timeless allure of the French Riviera.

The Celebration: Joy, Elegance, and Gastronomic Delights

The reception was a testament to joy, sophistication, and the region’s renowned culinary heritage. Guests were treated to a gourmet feast that celebrated the best of French cuisine, paired with the finest local wines. The estate buzzed with music and dancing, laughter echoing through the night, under a starlit sky.

The Beginning of Forever

Carmel and Kyle’s French Riviera St Georges Wedding was more than a celebration; it was the start of a new chapter in their lives, blessed by the romantic essence and breathtaking beauty of the Côte d’Azur. Their story is a beacon for those dreaming of a wedding that perfectly blends love, luxury, and the unique charm of the French Riviera.

Dreaming of Your French Riviera Wedding?

If you’re inspired by Carmel and Kyle’s enchanting wedding and envision your own celebration on the French Riviera, let us help you turn that dream into reality. With the Riviera as your backdrop, your wedding will be a memorable journey of love, beauty, and elegance.

Venue: Château Saint Georges / Wedding Planner: Anais Carlino / Catering: De Bouche en Bouche / Flowers: Lartquipousse / DJ & Live Band: Vogue Live Band / Sound & Lights: Mix & Light / Gown: Grace Loves Lace / Video: Guerin Film


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