Wedding photographer St Barts

Wedding Photographer St Barts

As a professional photographer for more than five years, I have logically oriented myself towards wedding photography. Indeed, I always had this will to direct my photographic approach towards something at the same time aesthetic and natural. Weddings allow me to combine the two, by focusing on facial expressions, emotions, laughter… In short, everything that is spontaneous and natural, while having a photo-reporter approach, that is to say, moving around very often to be in the heart of the action and capture the most decisive moments. The key words for a professional photographer are discretion and versatility, two skills that I have developed and that allow me to be as efficient as possible for your wedding day.

Saint Barthélémy is the perfect island to take superb timeless pictures. If you move away from the crowds of beaches, you will quickly find the charm of the blue sea that snakes off the coast. St Barth has its own magic, and there is no need to go far away. The Eden Rock, Cheval Blanc, the Carl Gustaf or the Toiny. I would be delighted to be your wedding photographer in St Barts!

When I ask future brides and grooms what they like about my images, they often tell me that they appreciate the naturalness of the images and that they don’t feel like they are posing for the photographer. This is exactly what I want to convey through my photos. You will therefore find very few posed and frozen photos, because this is absolutely not my trademark. As a wedding photographer in Saint Barts, I want to follow a line of conduct, a style that is my own and that allows me to be recognized quite easily by the future bride and groom.

That said, spontaneity is not synonymous with improvisation. Indeed, I attach a lot of importance to the preparation of this wedding day, hence the importance of the exchange I could have with you. During our meeting, in Paris or on Skype, it is thus essential that you communicate me your planning, even if it is still in the state of draft. This way, on the day of the event, I will know exactly what events will punctuate the day, and I will be able to prepare myself accordingly.

So, here you are warned, the quality, the aestheticism, the concern of the rendered work are for me primordial, and by engaging you with me, I would have in heart to make of this day the most formidable of memories.

I would be delighted to accompany you during your wedding in Saint Barts or in the West Indies, and why not elsewhere in France or abroad. Do not hesitate to contact me, telling me a little more about your story, your meeting, your expectations towards the wedding photographer in Saint Barts. I will be happy to answer you to prepare your wedding day.

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