Bordeaux Wedding photographer

Bordeaux Wedding Photographer

As a Bordeaux wedding photographer, given that I have always had the desire to shape my photographic approach toward something which is esthetic and natural at the same time, I logically turned towards wedding photography. Weddings allow me to combine both of these elements, as I concentrate on facial expressions, emotions, laughter …in short, everything which is spontaneous and natural, all the while working as a photojournalist does, knowing how to move very frequently so as to be at the center of the action and to capture the most pivotal moments. My watchwords are discretion and versatility, two gifts which I have developed and that allow me to be as efficient as possible during your wedding day.

When I ask the future bride and groom what they like most about my images, they often answer that they appreciate their naturalness, their candid quality that suggests the subjects weren’t posed in front of a photographer. That’s exactly what I’d like to represent though my photos. You’ll find very few posed or static photos, because that’s absolutely not my trademark. As a professional photographer, my first desire is to be faithful to my own style which allows me to be rather easily recognized by future brides and grooms.

That being said, spontaneity is not the same thing as improvisation. Indeed, I highly value preparation before your wedding day; hence the importance of our conversations prior to the wedding. During our meeting, in Bordeaux or via Skype, it’s essential that you give me your schedule, even if it’s just a first draft. In this way, on your big day, I’ll know exactly which events to expect, and I’ll be able to better prepare.

If you are looking for a Bordeaux wedding photographer who truly values colors, estheticism, elegance and creativity, you are in the right place.

So, now you know that quality, estheticism, and a desire to see a job well done are essential for me. Once you hire me, I’ll have my heart set on making this day one of the best memories of your life.

I’d be delighted to meet you during your wedding in Bordeaux or in the Périgord, elsewhere in France or abroad. Don’t hesitate to contact me and tell me a bit about your story, where you met, and your expectations of a photographer. I’d be happy to provide information in order to better prepare for your wedding day.

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